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Underground Strength Training Secrets Review

"Forget what you know about weight-lifting and strength training! Most likely you've been body-building your whole life. And if your goal is to merely look good when you go to the beach and rub hot oil on your body when you flex in the mirror, then this program is not for you.

However, if you're serious about making huge gains on your functional strength (a term Mr. Even - Esh is loathe to use), you'd be hard-pressed to find a better program than the one here.

If you want to improve your performance in your chosen sport, specifically combat sports, i.e. MMA, wrestling, BJJ, then this program is critical for your development.

There is a tremendous wealth of knowledge in all three manuals, the 4 audio interrogations and the DVD. The manuals are well-written and there are ample photographs to assist in the instruction. Zach Even - Esh discusses the use of various tools that at first may seem very unorthodox. Tires? Ropes? Hammers? Rocks? And the Kettlebell? However, he demonstrates how all of these can be successfully used as tools to make dramatic improvements in both your cardio and your strength level, simultaneously.

These workouts are intense, hard core, and very effective. Wimps need not apply. Accept the challenge and be prepared to work! You will love the results."

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