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Vintage Muscle & Fitness Magazines

Bodybuilding magazines for sale, vintage muscle and fitness magazines including IronMan, Flex, MuscleMag International, Muscle Media, Muscular Development, Planet Muscle, etc.


Add $8.00 S&H for the first item and $1.00 for each additonal item
International S&H may be more. contact us for a quote.

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If you are trying to find some issue not listed contact us.

Burn! Men's Fitness March 2000 Only $6.00 plus S&H

Flex July 1985 Sold Out

Flex April 1986 Sold Out

Flex January 1989 Sold Out

Flex Febuary 1999 Sold Out

Flex Dercember 1999 Sold Out

Flex September 2003 Sold Out

Flex September 2004 Sold Out

Flex April 2005 Only $7.00 plus S&H

IronMan Nov. 1974 Sold Out

IronMan March 1975 Sold Out

IronMan Nov. 1975 Sold Out

IronMan Jan. 1976 Sold Out

IronMan Nov. 1976 Sold Out

IronMan May 1978 Sold Out

IronMan Nov. 1978 Sold Out

IronMan May. 1982 Sold Out

IronMan June 1992 Sold Out

IronMan August 1992 Only $7.00 plus S&H

IronMan August 1992 Only $7.00 plus S&H

IronMan September 1992 Sold Out

IronMan November 1992 - Kenny "Flex" Wheeler bodybuilding's big, new pro speaks out. Boyer Coe how \he built his freaky split biceps. Delts tips and tricks from the experts. Size, shape & symmetry build the ultimate physique. Being natural shouldn't mean being second best. Eating for strength. Over the edge, train sane for maximum gain. Efficent mass building with P-O-F training.
Only $10.00 plus S&H

IronMan December 1992 - Special squat vs. deadlift, the get-big movements collide. Quadzilla roars! A monster interview with Paul Demayo. Fast blast for more mass, pack it on now. Mr. Olympia full coverage of the Helsinki shocker. Total triceps training, three huge heads are better than one. Double-barreled high intensity, work more muscle fibers in a single set.
Only $10.00 plus S&H

IronMan February 1993 - Naturally big, Mike Ashley's new column. Big Mike Matarazzo "My mass is gonna blow come minds!". Size surge, up your anabolic hormones naturally. 10 sets of 10, to get your growing again. Intensity, crank it up with forced-rep training. Back, quads & calves, bodypart blasting tactics.
Only $10.00 plus S&H

IronMan March 1993 - Shawn Ray a dramitic look at one of bodybuilding's best. Radical results with the ultimate rest and recovery routines. Massive Mike Matarazzo talks serious size training. Wonder wings build a wicked V-taper. Triceps: Tricks and tips from the experts. Death by desiccation, the diuretic dilemma.
Only $10.00 plus S&H

IronMan May 1994 - Arnold's secrets of success. Mass factors, what causes maximum muscle growth. Bench press bio-mechanics. Steroids vs. periodization a scientific comparison. Roland Kickinger, is this the next Arnold. What you should do wehn the basics backfire.
Only $10.00 plus S&H

IronMan June 1997 - Powerpacked abs: Etch your abs in six weeks. The best exercises. The granite abs diet. The fastest sculpting routines. One of the strongest men on the planet reveals his simple 6 exercise training program. Radical back attack with mass monster Jean-Pierre Fux. Vince Gironda's training secrets.
Only $10.00 plus S&H

IronMan September 1997 - Specialization blockbuster, 50 mass-kicking bodypart routines: back, biceps, chest, quads, triceps, calves, abs. Plus: How to specialize, customized core workouts, intensity-for-immensity tactics. Research exclusive, muscle soreness can trigger size increases. Using aerobics without losing muscle, Little know facts about building muscle tissue. Mike Katz's incredible 60 inch chest. Giant splits for enhanced recovery and growth.
Only $10.00 plus S&H

IronMan October 1997 - Vince Gironda's training secrets weight-gaining techniques for increasing mass. Chris Faildo the Hawaiian hurricane talks drug free bodybuilding. Justin Brooks' shoulder shocker. The amazing mass-building hardgainer solution. Don Peters championship routine. Louie Simmon's on unreal squating power. Muscle soreness the key to growth acceleration. High intensity vs. periodization.
Only $10.00 plus S&H

IronMan November 1998 - Radical bench press power, secrets of a top strength expert. Special report muscles without meat, vegetarian bodybuilding. Fiber-specific training. Boulder shoulders the natural way. High intensity - do you know you limits? Your step-by-step mass-building supplement schedual.
Only $10.00 plus S&H

IronMan Winter 1999 - 38 sizzling swimsuit miniposters inside, featuring the tiniest bikinis on the planet! Incredible strength gain in only 5 days. The mighty squat, truns hardgainers into easy gainers. Burn more bodyfat. plus: Mr. OLympia. Power supersets.
Only $10.00 plus S&H

IronMan October 2002 - Collectors issue: 100 incredible mass-building tips. Best squat alternatives. isolated lat attack. Bethany Carter Howlett hardcore training. Eat to growe. Is creatine dangerous?Fatigue the enemy from within how to compat it for bigger gains. Instant muscle how to take advantage of the "anabolic window" and accelerate immediate growth. Heavy duty the once a week workout, is it the ultimate bodybuildign program? Legends of bodybuilding Bill Grant. Skip La Cour the goods on getting great gains. Julie Ann Gerhard ultimate body. Bill Pearl and Chuck Sipes' days of twisted steel and strength appeal.
Only $7.00 plus S&H

IronMan October 2003 - The best ezxercises for blasting every bodypart. Hardbody Tanya. Bringing up the rear delts. How to build massive, wide delts. I want 17 inch arms! The Doug Hepburn routine, for legendary strength and power. Frank Zane vacuum your waist. Steve Reeves the king of bodybuilding. An introduction to Heavy Duty Training. Lee Labrada the incredible growing kid. Back training with the mazx contrtaction system. Olympic weightlifting movements.
Only $7.00 plus S&H

IronMan October 2004 - Larry Scott helps you make a good exercise great. Split decisions what's the best bodypart training frequency? Train, eat, grow. Overhard overhaul get you pressing issues in order. A no-reps-required method of buildign maximum muscle mass. Racking up size rattle the cage for hardcore hypertrophy. Jack LaLannes's tips for physical perfection and longevity. Mike Mentzer's training principles. Female muscle.
Only $7.00 plus S&H

IronMan September 2005 - Free Arnold poster inside. Get big faster: x reps, the ultimate split, rack isometrics, power bodybuilding, abbreviated workouts. Top 10 diet fallacies. Ron Harris a bodybuilder is born. Bench press power tools. Dead on mass gains. The science of Nitric Oxide. Teen muscle program. Eryk Bui interview. Heavy Duty Hypertraining.
Only $7.00 plus S&H

IronMan September 2005 - Free Arnold poster inside. Get big faster: x reps, the ultimate split, rack isometrics, power bodybuilding, abbreviated workouts. Top 10 diet fallacies. Ron Harris a bodybuilder is born. Bench press power tools. Dead on mass gains. The science of Nitric Oxide. Teen muscle program. Eryk Bui interview. Heavy Duty Hypertraining.
Only $7.00 plus S&H

Mens' Workout November 1999 Only cover price of $4.95 plus S&H

MAX REP in the Age of the Astrotitans #1 June 1997 Sold Out

MAX REP in the Age of the Astrotitans #2 March 1998 Sold Out

Mind & Muscle Power October 2000 - The warrior diet by Ori Hofmekler. New ways to boost your testosterone. Lean & mean eat to winn for permanent fat loss. Lactoferrin, the magic bullet. 20 mins to a bigger, better back. Over coming estrogen. Aaron Maddron's prescription for stubborn triceps. The ketogenic diet. Sprint your way to super hamstrings.Negitive training by Ellington Darden.
Only $6.00 plus S&H

Monster Muscle Magazine September 2002 Only $6.00 plus S&H

Muscular Development July 1997 Only $7.00 plus S&H

Muscular Development October 1999 - Extreme surfing. ench press super program. Fight fat and win. NFL pre-season training workout. Power moves for mountain biking.
Only $7.00 plus S&H

Muscular Development January 2001 Sold Out

Muscular Development February 2001 Sold Out

Muscular Development March 2001 Sold Out

Muscular Development April 2001 Sold Out

Muscular Development May 2001 Sold Out

Muscular Development June 2001 Sold Out

Muscular Development July 2001 Sold Out

Muscular Development August 2001 Sold Out

Muscular Development September 2001 Sold Out

Muscular Development October 2001 Sold Out

Muscular Development November 2001 Sold Out

Muscular Development December 2001 Sold Out

Muscular Development January 2002 Sold Out

Muscle Builder Power April 1979 Sold Out

Muscle & Fitness June 1981 - Cover Dennis Tinerino. Lou Ferrigno interview. Think, shapley and ripped pecs by Chris Dickerson. Bodybuilding - is it possible witout meat? by Armand Tanny. Pros and cons of Nautilus training. Cathy Gelfo's stength building bench press routine. Circuit weight training. Jorman Raty's power triceps workout. Protecting the pump. Packing on brawn. Running for bodybuilders: Is it good or bad? by Bill Dobbins. Boyer Coes biceps workout.
Only $15.00 plus S&H

Muscle & Fitness July 1981 - What it takes to build shoulders like these, by Jesup Wilosz. My traininbg philosophty, by Roger Walker. Boyer Coe wins the World Cup. Milk and the bodybuilder, by Armand Tanny. Definition, has it goen too far? How you can delay muscle failure, by Per A. Tesch, PH.D. Bob Birdsong interview. Super summer muscle-up guide. Taking the fat-test plunge. Are you holding back your progesss? Chris Dicker, the champ.
Only $15.00 plus S&H

Muscle & Fitness August 1981 - Cover Ben Weider, Lynn Conkwright, Chris Dickerson and Joe Weider. How Tim Belknap went from a 114 pund rnut to a 215 pound Mr. America contender. Arnold, saint or devil? Roy Callender's back workout. Is a vegetarianism diet for you? The cheating principle, and how Arnold uses it. Cutting up without drugs, by Greg DeFerro. Hubert Metz, can he strike Olympia gold? Lou Ferrignos top ten questions and answers. Food combining for the bodybuilder. Casey Viator's stress test. Lynn Conkwright, the champ.
Only $15.00 plus S&H

Muscle & Fitness April 1982 Sold Out

Muscle & Fitness April 1982 - Cover Rachel McLish and Boyer Coe. Bertil Fox builds his back. The 1981 Mr. Olympia. How I won the Mr. Olympia by Franco Columbu. Candy Csencsits is determined to take on the world. Rachel McLish trains legs. My secrets for off-season mass building, by Tom Platz. Let the giants beware by Danny Padilla. How I built my olympian sized shoulders, by Boyer Coe. A visit to Zane Haven. Tim Belknap is zooming towards the ultimate physique.
Only $20.00 plus S&H

Muscle & Fitness June 1982 - Cover Boyer Coe and Valerie Coe. Working around an injury, for nonstop progress. Tom Platz blasts biceps. Pillow is no softie! Fat exorcist or muscle builder? by Jone Gold. Pete Grymkowski interview. The Nautilus system by Ellingtyon Darden. How to develop incredible size and strength by Roy Callender. Ray Mentzer the champ.
Only $20.00 plus S&H

Muscle & Fitness January 1983 - Cover Bob Birdsong and Rachel McLish. How to succeed in bodybuilding by Reg Park. Lou Ferrigno chest training. Bodybuilding, yesterday, today and tomarrow. Dale Ruplinger wins the MR USA title.Dr. Lynne Pirie trains shoulders. Debbie Boostrom, who says I'm not a bodybuilder? Nautilus training, high intensity circuts for bigger arms, by Ellington Darden. Ali Malla, bodybuilding saved my life. Fasting for muscluar fitness and strength. The gh factor. Giant sets, by Mike Mentzer. Robby Robibnson sets the record straight.
Only $15.00 plus S&H

Muscle & Fitness June 1983 - Cover Robby Robinson. The importance of warm-ups! Powerlifting: For the beginning bodybuilder. How Robby Robinson built his arms. Body type nutrition by Arnold Schwarzenegger. Samir Bannout, the lion of Lebanon is finally on course. Marcia Goebel beauty and the barbell. Frank Zane interview. The importance of sunlight. How I powerized my body at 50. Frank Zane's back training. Lisa Lyon the fantasy inside the lady. The steroid files: why do bodybuilders take these drugs and what should be done about it? Greg DeFerro the champ.
Only $15.00 plus S&H

Muscle & Fitness Juanuary 1988 Sold Out

Muscle & Fitness March 1988 - Train to gain not just to maitain, by Scott Wilson, The only mass diet you'll ever need by Bill Dobbins. Eight ways to train smarter by Mike Mentzer. Shawn Ray defeat becomes determination. Hot to squat by MIke Lambert. Cameo Kneuer bodybuilder hips. How Vic Richards built his big legs. Paul Jean-Guillaume futrueman. Luiz Freitas the chanp.
Only $15.00 plus S&H

Muscle & Fitness April 1988 - Joe Piscopo, funnyman serious about bodybuilding. Lee Haney's Mr. Olymipia arm training. Luiz Freitas champion bodybuilder from Brazil. Rich Gaspari's three week peaking routine. Mike Lambert powerizing your squat. Anja Langer a gallery of poses. Larry Scott and Bill Pearl keeping thier drive alive. Mike Quinn's Back workout. Cory Everson wins her forth Ms. Olympia.
Only $15.00 plus S&H

Muscle & Fitness October 1988 - Phill Hill's arm training. Failure and beyond by Maike Mentzer. Bodybuildlers' protein requirements by Michael Colgan, PhD. Weider Split routines by Albert Beckles. Complete chest training by Corinna Everson. Confessions of a steroid smuggler. Training after 40 by Frank Zane. How to do dips by Larry Scott.
Only $15.00 plus S&H

Muscle & Fitness May 1989 - The pain zone by Larry Scott. My mass routine by Bev Francis. Lou Ferrigno's pec program. Ted Arcidi the road to 700 lb bench. Eat to peak by lee Labrada. Clarence Bass fit at 50. Bill Pearl the champ.
Only $15.00 plus S&H

Muscle & Fitness August 1989 - Cover Mike Quinn. Lee Labrada blasts arms. Rich Gaspari approach to winning the Arnold classic. Raw food for raw poer, by Armand Tanny, Mr. USA. My killer chest wortkout, by Tara Dodane. How I lost the Mr. O, by Samir Bannout. Mike Guinn's Mr. O Game plan. The basis of you optimal bodybuilding workout, by Mike Mentzer. Your protein needs. Best biceps exercises. Shoulder molders by Cory Everson. How Bob Paris trains his chest. Sculping the new body, by Larry Scott. Richard Gaspari & Tonya Knight, the champs.
Only $15.00 plus S&H

Muscle & Fitness November 1989 - Cover Lee Labrada. How Mike Quinn turned his chest into his best bodypart.Jesse "The Body" Ventura, though guys lift weights. How to start bodybuilding by Jeff Everson. Staggered sets, by Mike Mentzer. My 30 years of building muscle by Ed Corney. 5 best triceps exercises. Diana Dennis wins the profession world bodybuilding championship. How Vince Taylor build great legs wityhout squats.
Only $15.00 plus S&H

Muscle & Fitness December 1989 - Cover Cameo Kneuer and Frank Zane. Eddie Robinson's top gun biceps. High-tech delt training with Janet Tech. Gaining mass by Jeff Everson. Bulgarian leg training secrets. Mike Quinn & John Defendis: The best way to train. John Hnatyschak trains thighs. Diana Dennis, the champ.
Only $15.00 plus S&H

Muscle & Fitness June 2002 - Cover "The Rock" Dwayne Johnson. Hard as The Rock, wrestling icon's raw interview. Unilateral training builds size and strength. Aaron Maddon on chest training. Anabolic nutrition. Ronnie Colemen on back and traps. Jay Cutler on chest and shoulders. Build big guns with Dennis James. Put size on you thighs with Naser El Sonbaty. Shock techniques, blast your body out of a zero growth rut. Shape up stubborn bodypart with Susie Curry.
Only $8.00 plus S&H

Muscle Mag International August 1992 Only $7.00 plus S&H

Muscle Mag International Noverber 1992 - THe WBF show results, pics and story. Mixing your meals for maximum mass! Ham & glute training. Ronnie Coleman the strong arm of the law. 12 weeks to wider shoulders. Deep fiber training for maximum growth. Shortcuts to success, ways to accelerate muscle growth and fat loss.Sharon Bruneau star profile. Get sexual force!
Only $8.00 plus S&H

Muscle Mag International October 1993 Sold Out

Muscle Mag International May 1994 - Arm training with Dennis Newman. Training in the zone by Will Brink.Vince Galanti's prize pecs. Training chest with Sharon Bruneau. Your way to ultimate bulk and power. Denise Rutkowski feminine charms & outrageous arms. Debbie Dobbins gone but not forgotten. Ron Love interview. Low fat meals of the stars. -
Only $8.00 plus S&H

Muscle Mag International Ocotober 1994 - Leg training with Michael Francois. Ronnie Coleman's baad back. Balsting triceps with Franco Santoriello. The John Grimek story. Chris Duffy's monster training. Lee Apperson interview. Energize you workouts and your life.
Only $8.00 plus S&H

Muscle Mag International June 2005 - Swimsuit special! Build balanced arems in 8 weeks. Craig Richardson rising star. Mr. Heavy Duty Mike Mentzer advanced training techniques. The one exsercise per bodypart routine. Roids and radical heart surgery, Mike Matarazzo tells all. How to own a think, powerful back in half the time. Contest prep, the way the stars really count down to contest day. Christine Roth star profile.
Only cover price $5.99 plus S&H

Muscle Media April 1998 Sold Out

Muscle Media May 1998 - 10 surefire tips to get faster results! Discover 12 high-energy fast foods for fitness. Get ripped & ready for summer, se vivid results in only 4 weeks. Muscle shake recipes. The one day arem cure. Is your routine out of order? Ask the guru, Dan Duchaine.
Only $10.00 plus S&H

Muscle Media August 2002 - 100th issue special collector's issue. 100 tips to a new you. Evan Holyfield, how the champ muascled his way to the top. Nutriton bars, the best and worst. Bill Phillips interview. Shawn Phillips share his no-nonsence approach to building better abs. Training periodization demystified, by Pavel Tsatsouline. The skinny man plan, by Anthony Ellis.
Only $8.00 plus S&H

Muscle Training Illustrated January 1992 Only $8.00 plus S&H

Natural Bodybuilding August 1995 Only $7.00 plus S&H

Natural Bodybuilding Febuary 1996 - Cannonball delts fast! Anabolic growth with rest/pause training. Massive, powerful muscles through high-tech training. 4 ways to lose fat forever! Supplement science breakthroughs. Wiining precontest diet secrets. Exciting contect reports. Build a championship back. Fat-fighting techniques.
Only $7.00 plus S&H

Peak Training Journal Issue #5B March 1999 Sold Out

Planet Muscle Vol 4, Number 6 2001 Only $7.00 plus S&H

PowerMag Magazine January 2001 Only $6.00 plus S&H

PowerMag Magazine March 2001 - Powerlifting the way it should be! Your Guide to the Supplement Pyramid. Solo training made safe: Think about it. Squat This! Los Angeles Lifting Club. This is the most important of the three lifts. Training the Deadlift Keeping the lower back as fresh as possible can mean the differences between winning and losing and simply making those last crucial lifts.
Only $6.00 plus S&H

PowerMag Magazine May 2001 - Arnold Classic 2001. The differences between powerlifting vs. bodybuilding vs. weightlifting. Stressing Form. Understanding the proper form required by your chosen lifting organization allows you to get valuable help from any willing onlooker in the gym. Beating those pre-meet blahs. The truth of the matter is that training for a powerlifting meet is extremely hard work, and intelligent planning of your training cycle is very complex. Diet. The ultimate four letter word.
Only $6.00 plus S&H

PowerMag Magazine June 2001 - Dr. Squat on platform lifting. Glen Chabot mixing it up with the mass from Massachusetts. Power trining with the Phildelphia Eagles. Bench shirt basics: know you grea. Live detox techniques. All you need to compete: contest training 101.
Only $6.00 plus S&H

PowerMag Magazine July 2001 - Questions and Answers with Karen Sizemore! Ask Dr. Squat. Eat Big. Get Big. Lift Big. The Dust Buster. Just don't call him that to his face. Kirk Bardos. Profile: Josh Ward 14 year old Josh Ward approaches 500 bench mark! Getting your squats 'convincingly deep'. Questions regarding injury and rehabilitation.
Only $6.00 plus S&H

PowerMag Magazine August 2001 - The 2001 All NFL Team. Jet's Strength coach John lott builds his program around three core lifts: the bench, squat and power cleans. Garry Frank approaches the loaded bar to make history again. An interview with King Coan. The race to break 800 Who's the man? Factors affecting strength. Including the Eight Technologies of Training. Freshen up that stale bench.
Only $6.00 plus S&H

PowerMag Magazine September 2001 - Jennifer Maile a few words with the Alaskan Iron Maiden. Bengal's Matt O'Dwyer tops when it comes to power in the gym and prowness on the field. What All Squatters 'Kneed' to Know. Keeping your kness healthy and asymptomatic begins with developing a functional understanding of how this unique joint is constructed and how it does and does not function. By Dr. Fred Hatfield. Power Abs! Make ab training a priority to improve your performance and prevent injuries on the platform. Radical Powerlifting By Brian Nassar. King Coan squats 1038.
Only $6.00 plus S&H

PowerMag Magazine October 2001 - Got Squat? How to build a big squat for the average guy with no genetics? The History of Powerlifting A tradition of power! Including the Great Louis Cyr, Eugen Sandow and more. Larry Allen benches 700 on Prime Time NFL and wants more. Drug Free Powerlifting A Loaded Bar and a Challengeto help those of you to understand the basics of building a big deadlift. Bodybuilding by the numbers.Is it time to abandon the Reshel formula? I think we can all agree that Ed Coan's 2,408 @ 220 is the greatest total of all time within the sport.
Only $6.00 plus S&H

Reps! Issue 1 Spring 2006 - Building & Shaping your body. The muscle zone: Being Anabolic. New shoulder-building technique. Big arm blast. Perfect proportions. Six weeks to a one-arm chin-up. Beach-ready abdominals. Bad bench press blunders to avoid. Steve Reeves the legend. Feed the beast, yes, you really are what you eat. Lean out without losing muscle.
Only $8.00 plus S&H

WBF Bodybuilding Lifestyles November 1991 - How Gary Strydom stays in top form. Lou Ferrigno the legend returns. Mike Quinn goes wild, how psycho is he? Berry De Mey's basic leg blast. Ab-solutions, the great-looking gut guide. Water woes preventing water retnetion and dehydration. Jim Quinn's equation for out-of-this-world delts.
Only $8.00 plus S&H

WBF Bodybuilding Lifestyles August 1992 - Supersets for super gains. Big Jim Quinn's continuing size odyssey. Guilt free frozen desserts. Life arter steroids, by Mario Di Pasquale. Squating for strength or mass. Pec Power learn about this pressing subject. Secrets of the pros shred your abs! Get big and ripped. Food additives can they kill you? Who is Cameo?
Only $8.00 plus S&H

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