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Advanced Kettlebell Training Review

The kettlebell, popularized in Russia, is the working person's training device because it seems to excel at delivering functional, useful strength, strength that tranfers well to a wide variety of activities.

The benefits of working with kettlebells are many. They are currently very popular with law enforcement and the military, people for whom being strong without being bulky is important.

I use kettlebells for many of the same things powerlifters and Olympic lifters use barbells and dumbbells for. I military press my kettlebell, I perform windmills, bent presses, side presses, and other powerlifter-like, limit strength moves with a kettlebell. Sometimes I even press them from the floor, the kettlebell "poor man's" version of a bench press. I squat with kettlebells sometimes and other times I use a barbell.

The advantage of kettlebell work over Olympic lifting, which offers many of the same benefits, is that kettlebells are quite a bit easier to learn on your own. Most people to do Olympic lifts study them with a coach. Most kettlebell people I know make a $200 investment in a kettlebell, an instructional video, and an instructional book, and use discussion forums to get any additional help they need.

High-set-rep kettlebell work has definitely added some muscle to my frame. high-set-rep kettlebell work rewards having enough muscle to get the job done but does not encourage having more than that. If you're looking for a lean, muscular build, high-set-rep kettlebell work can be just the ticket - for people like me, it does cause hypertrophy.

Alternating training cycles with different goals has been done before and is routinely practiced on a variety of scales, e.g., an endurance athlete might work on bulking up over the winter then work on slimming down and gaining endurance throughout the spring and summer.

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