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Hyper Growth Muscle Mass Training Review

This guide covers it all, and makes it easy for you to get started
building rock-solid muscle size and power while burning off ugly body fat.

Most people have had success with high intensity progressive overload workouts. There's no argument that they do work for many people. Most hardcore iron heads love the intensity when they can pyramid up and improve on weight or reps every week. Unfortunately when you train this way for too long your body does adapt and you find yourself stuck in a plateau You have put too much strain on your nervous system (overtraining) and you notice that gains start coming slower and slower. The muscle just isn't building like it did in the past. Volume training allows you to lift more total pounds by doing more sets and reps with a lower intenstiy level.

Pushing yourself to the limit in the gym using high intensity training is not the only way to promote large scale gains in muscular size and strength. In fact for 95% of all people who workout for the very reason of growing large muscles, high intensity training is not the best way. Using a program based on volume in good form and in the correct time frame is a much, much better and faster way of growing very large and strong muscles.

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