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Fit Over 40 Reviews

Fitness Over 40 eBook: Amazing Inspirational Anti-aging, Health And Weight Loss E-book For The Over 40 Crowd.

I ordered right away and LOVE IT!! I’m reading it now and it’s worth it already. Very clear steps for goal setting and putting emotion behind your goals to help you achieve them with ease. All that in the first few pages. I can’t put it down! I believe with this I can finally release those last 12 lbs. of body fat!

Todd S.; Dayton, OH

Today I purchased “Fit Over 40”. I’ve just finished reading the first section. I immediately related to you. During the past two years my health has left me. I thought, this is perfect, just what I need…so much information here that will help me!

Kay Wood; San Jose, CA

I had to give you a quote, because this book was so incredible! With ‘Fit Over 40” you have given everyone the holy grail of fitness an opportunity to be forever young. As you know, I am a former world champion and record holder in the Paralympics, and a past member of the Presidents Council on Physical Fitness & Sports (President’s Bush & Clinton) — many thanks!

Kevin Saunders; Houston, TX

I am 48 years old, have suffered 4 heart attacks, at 40, 44, 46, and 48, resulting in 6 stints and triple bypass in Dec. 2004. At the time of the last heart attack I weighed in at 265 lbs, and I am 6’1” tall, carrying the majority of the weight from the waist up.

After the last heart attack, the surgeon that counseled with me said that the probability of me living through surgery was slim, and that if I did survive, I would probably be disabled for the rest of my life. My ejection fraction (volume of blood squeezed from the heart) was 10 compared to a normal heart ejection fraction of between 50-60.

I purchased your e-book in January 2005, and started trying to implement your suggestions to improve the quality of my physical life. I am a Christian so I was not and am not worried about my spiritual condition. Reading your personal success story, along with the stories of others helped inspire me to commit to an exercise regimen that is truly changing my life.

I am currently at 198 lbs, 46”-48” chest, 33”-34” waist, 17” neck. I am still working out daily, but am primarily doing cardio. I am up to 2.5 miles in 30 minutes on the treadmill.

I had my ejection fraction measured a couple of weeks ago and one measurement indicated a 57!!!!

I give all my credit to God, and thank you for having the fortitude to develop your books suggesting diet and fitness programs.

Phil Cromwell; Savannah, Tennessee

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