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Bodylastics Exercise Bands Review

Build quality, powerful muscle with the resistance system that many top bodybuilders and powerlifters are using to take their training to the next level.

Introducing The Bodylastics Max Tension Super System. This $50 compact gym machine is designed to be a complete workout system that can harness the power of elastic tubes. It weighs less than 2 lbs, yet it generates a whopping 31 levels of resistance up to the equivalent of a 150 lb dumbbell.

Even better, you can perform over 140 of the best gym exercises. Triceps extension, seated back row, chest fly, chest press, laying hamstrings curl, squats, lateral raise, and tons more can be created in seconds.

For a limited time every Body Lastics system comes with one year of our online learning center with preset programs, video instruction and coaching for over 140 exercises.

This is the same exact system that was the official backstage pump up machine at this years Mr. O and Night of Champions.

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