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If you're tired of making slow progress and working out with bodybuilding & weight lifting workout plans that don't give you the results you desire then here is your chance to discover...

"A real life bodybuilding & weight lifting workout software to build up muscle mass fast & easily - that brings real results to real people like YOU!"

Join  thousands of bodybuilding enthusiasts who gained an average of 7.3 pounds of muscle mass in three short weeks

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Hey friends!
This program is the real hammer! I never thought something like this was possible. I've used this program (X-Adaptation) for the last 3 weeks and made extreme gains. My weight increased 4.5 kg (9.9 lbs) since I started (while maintaining a constant bodyfat level). I made tremendous gains at my arms and legs, 4cm (1.6 inches) and 5cm (1.9 inches). Before (while using another training system), I thought I just had bad genetics, but I don't believe that any more...

Hannes Burk; Zürich, Switzerland

From: Oliver Wolter

Dear Friend,

It's about 2 years ago when my friend Frank approached me with the following..."Well Oliver - I know you've helped a lot of people with your personal training - In my opinion you are the most successful personal trainer here in Germany ever. I know your books - and I know that a lot of people have read your books - but will you ever know if the majority will ever do what you are preaching in your books? Are you really sure that helped a lot of people besides the ones you personal trained?"

Well I must say I couldn't forget what Frank stated. It held me away from sleeping that night. I always had the intention to help anyone who wants to get helped in building up muscle mass or dropping bodyfat levels.

But Frank reminded me on the fact that I would never know for sure what I can do for my dear bodybuilding friends, by just releasing a few books.

So I decided to write a new book and workout software only for online release where I stay in contact with all my readers. A workout routine that should put on as much muscle mass in three weeks as humanly possible.

What happened astounded not only Frank.

In fact it was...

the proven most successful German bodybuilding & weightlifting workout routine of all time

I really enjoyed hearing all these success stories. It was and is still amazing and motivating for me.

But to make a long story short - I decided to let this book get translated into English to help even more people around the world putting on a serious amount of muscle mass within three weeks.

I can guarantee to you: during your first training unit, you will know that something crazy with your muscles is going to happen.

Yours sincerely,

Oliver Wolter

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