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Will Brink's Bodybuilding Revealed Review

I recently got my hands on Will Brink's "Bodybuilding Revealed" e-book. A 630 page e-book crammed with everything you could ever need to know about gaining lean muscle. This thing is a real bodybuilding bible if you will, an amazing resource.

The e-book is split into 5 main components. Nutrition, and your muscle building diet, takes up component 1. The Supplement section where Will reviews over 50 bodybuilding supps, is unique. I've never seen fully researched and referenced unbiased supp reviews of this kind, that's component 2. Then component 3 is Weight Training, with routines for beginners right through to advanced. High intensity cardio techniques for getting ripped make up component 4, and finally, the mental edge, goal setting and motivation form component 5.

In addition Will is giving away some amazing bonus material, for example Charles Poliquin, who needs no introduction has written a massive bonus for Will, a complete manual on training for mass, including numerous workouts. Unlike some bonus material you see kicking around, the stuff Will is giving away is seriously top end unique stuff.

What I found even more useful is that when you purchase Bodybuilding Revealed, you instantly get 12 months free access to Will Brink's personal private members area. In his private members area, he and other experts are on hand to help you with your program on a very highly moderated and organized private forum.

In the members area, they also have pre made muscle building diets and workout charts galore that you can download, a very handy cutting edge diet planner which even shows you your progress with graphs and charts.

They also have online videos of all the exercises you can think of so you can actually watch them being performed, a nutrition database, a gallery where members post their photos for feedback, a powerful meal planner, and plenty of useful resources like body fat calculators, 1 rep max calculators and a live chat box, the list goes on. The highlight is certainly having access to Will Brink and his qualified advisors on there. I can tell you the level of support customers get with their program is phenomenal.

I don't recommend much, but I've got to say if your trying to gain muscle or even if your an experienced competitor, this has class written all over it. Truly an quality product which offers ridiculous value for money.

I highly recommend it!

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