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Finally, Here's A Simple System, Easy To Follow, Designed For Beginners And The Genetically Average, To Start Burning Off Body Fat And Adding Lean Muscle, Fast!

The information in the magazines is bad enough. But it doesn’t stop there. Almost every bodybuilding or fitness book, course or program I’ve ever seen is too complicated for a beginner master in a reasonable period of time.

Not only that, they're almost never in a format you can easily follow... such as a list of answers to frequently asked questions... or a step by step guide in NON scientific terms that any beginner can understand and learn quickly.

Do you want long boring lectures about biochemistry and muscle physiology or would you prefer to have your questions answered in plain English and your diet and workouts handed to you on a platter?

It’s a respectable thing if you’re sophisticated enough to want to know the science behind it all, but my exhaustive surveys have proven that most people just want a diet plan with a shopping list, a simple, step by step workout program, answers to all their questions, and then they’re off to the gym to make gains.

That's what The Beginners Guide to Fitness And Bodybuilding gives you!

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