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AtoZfitness All Star Trainer's Secrets Reviews

All Star Trainer's Secrets is the ONLY fitness e-book package that contains 15 top internet trainers answering the one burning question every fitness visitor asks . What can I do in the next 30 days to get maximum muscle gains and maximum fat loss? I don't want a complete anatomy course just step by step directions on what to do . All Star Trainer Secrets offers just that but instead of having one author All Star Trainer Secrets has 15 with some top names like Tom Venuto, Nick Nilsson, Lee Hayward amd many more.


I am enjoying reading all the various perspectives on developing my body. I am 57 years old and have been working on developing a more lean and muscular body. I have dropped my body mass Index to below 25. I am 6' 3' and weigh about 250, down from 294.


Hi Lewis: I'm writing about the All Star Trainer's Secret to Maximum Muscle Gain and Maximum Fat Loss in 30 days. This e-book is everything you promised and more. It's a brilliant and original idea to create an e-book with several fitness experts giving their own personal insights on training, diet, supplements, etc., all working towards a specific goal. Plus free updates for life!  When most people say free lifetime updates it's just a marketing ploy that they never intend to fulfill. You followed through in a grand style that I have grown to expect from A to Z Fitness. I already received three free updates plus bonuses I wasn?t even expecting. In all this material, there's something here for everyone. You can't go wrong.

 - Robert L.

My name is Bryan Miley; I'm a certified fitness trainer, living in Destin, Florida.  When I purchased this book on AtoZfitness, I knew it would be an excellent collaboration by some of today?s top pro's in their respective fields, it was an obvious buy.  When Lewis Wolk, president of AtoZfitness, put this together I knew it would be excellent addition to my book collection.   The book includes 7 experts showing how they help their clients and readers accomplish their goals.  Everything is included in this book, tips for losing weight, gaining strength and even how to gain monstrous size.

Hard gainers and those having struggles with their weight will especially benefit?I highly recommend All Star Trainer's Secrets to anyone that wants to make great progress in their programs or to simply use one of the great programs listed in the book by the contributing authors.   It is definitely worth every penny and more.

- Bryan "Wall" Miley, CFT

Lewis, I had to say that when I first purchased your e-book I was skeptical. I figured it would be another book I bought, printed and forgot about. But I am happy to tell you after 30 days I was VERY WRONG.

The information in this book is worth it's weight in gold. I followed to a t Nick Nilsson's program and WOW what a difference in my workout and more so in the way I feel about myself. I can see my abs again for the first time in years and the best part is I look forward to going to the gym to complete each workout.


I am now trying to decide who's NEW program I will use for the next 30 days. This is great as I have close to a year of different programs to experiment with.

Oh yeah thanks again for sending me all the updates when you add a new writer. Keep up the great work.

 - Jeff Jhonson.

I am a 37 year old male and am enjoying every bit of the book. I currently am utilizing the "30 day spin routine". I have never understood the impact that circuit training can have on the body, but now that I do I love it. I was never a "muscle head" but have always thought that varying weight and the types of programs was the way to go. After purchasing the book the variations and the types of programs are phenomenal. I have dropped approximately 10 pounds in 3 weeks and am feeling quite good.

Best regards
Andy Kasik

Thank you for helping me realize that, even at age 56, with good advice, anyone can and will make improvements. Your e-book sheds light on those areas that can distract us from the truth about developing a healthy sound body. By the way, I have added two inches to my arms and one inch to my legs and calves. I am gaining in strength too. My biggest challenge is the discipline of diet. But your book has shown me how to balance my diet and still enjoy some of the things I yearn for. You should be proud that you are helping someone like myself, who was heading for a health disaster, turnaround and enjoy my senior years.




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